DynDNS® Updater

DynDNS® Updater 4.1

DynDNS® Updater updates your DNS hostnames to resolve to your remote IP address
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DynDNS is an application that automatically updates your IP to DynDNS. DynDNS is a web service that allows you to select a DNS name for your computer to be accessed to. For example, you can chose DNS.DynDNS.com, and every time someone types that address anywhere, they will be directed towards your IP address. However, you would have to manually update it every time your IP changes. This application is a solution to that problem. When you install it, you will tell it what your account name is with DynDNS, and it will automatically add your IP to that account on a regular basis. You can configure how long it will take to update the IP and under what circumstances. DynDNS runs quietly in your system tray and you will not even know it is there. You can add several accounts to this application. This is a great solution for people who have dynamic IP addresses and need to run services that would otherwise be impossible to run, like a web server, an FTP server, a VNC server, etc. The application has been on my tray for months, without a single crash. And my server was always accessible. Two thumbs up.

José Fernández
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